Tutoring services

It's okay to ask for help!

We are here to support you and want to see you thrive. Receiving tutoring could be your next step to help yourself succeed! Student Success connects students to free campus tutoring options for any class taken at Union.

On this page, you can find group tutoring sessions already scheduled, request peer tutoring, and prepare to make the most of your tutoring resources.

Put your best academic foot forward.

Whether or not you use tutoring, following are best practices toward success in your courses:

  • Attend class regularly and put away distractions that could cause you to miss key information.
  • Take notes (on your computer or in a notebook). Even if you don’t use them to study, it can help you pay attention and better recall information covered in class.
  • Read or study for the class a little bit every day. Some concepts start to make sense over time.
  • Try joining or starting a study group. Some classes hold ongoing group study sessions that you can drop-in as needed (see below). If not, talk to your classmates and start your own.
  • Communicate with your professor. They only know to further assist if you tell them you need it. Speak up early, and clarify if you’re struggling with the reading material or assignments.
  • Complete any assignments that you are able to do on your own. Don’t put it off for tutoring. Get started and flag anything you need to come back to during tutoring.

Group Tutoring Options

Browse this list of Group Tutoring Sessions for Spring 2021 to see if a class you’re taking already has tutoring scheduled. These are available with no request necessary--just show up! This list is updated at the beginning of each semester; contact Student Success for up-to-date information.

Writing Consultation

If the classwork where you need assistance is writing a paper or preparing for a presentation, visit The Studio for Writing and Speaking Monday-Thursday 6-9 p.m (located in the library behind the glass door to the left). No appointment needed. This is open to all majors to work on papers or presentations for any class.

Request a Tutor

Didn’t find your course listed above? Complete this Tutor Request Form for Student Success to begin the process of locating a peer tutor for you. Once a tutor is confirmed, they will be given your contact information (email address and phone number) in order to facilitate scheduling.

You may submit a separate Tutor Request Form for additional tutor requests in other classes it’s needed. Tutoring is available up to 60 minutes per week per course.

The Student’s responsibilities while receiving tutoring:

  • Check your email regularly and respond to your tutor in a timely manner. Agree to a consistent time and location to meet-up for tutoring.
  • Show up on time, and communicate if you’ll be late or can’t make it.
  • Read the text, review notes, or start the assignment ahead of time. Decide what concepts and topics you need help with. Be as specific as possible.
  • Bring relevant materials, including textbook, assignments, quizzes, tests, or laptop to access course materials in Canvas.
  • Ask questions, and take notes. If something isn’t making sense, say so.

The Tutor’s responsibilities while providing tutoring:

  • Maintain timely communication with the student to arrange weekly sessions that meet both of your schedules.
  • Show up on time, and communicate if you’ll be late or can’t make it.
  • Communicate with the Student Success Coordinator if there are any complications.
  • Familiarize yourself with campus resources available to students, or other resources specific to the course.

Still have questions?

Ask us! Stop by the Student Success Center or email studentsuccess@ucollege.edu.