Photo of Joshua Reyes-Meiring with other IRR students

From IRR to MPH: Joshua Reyes-Meiring

“I never felt alive until I started working in healthcare,” said 2022 international rescue and relief graduate Josh Reyes-Meiring.  Reyes-Meiring was interested in science and medicine, but until he started in the IRR program, he…

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Eric Barber: Finding fulfillment in service

Union College’s International Rescue and Relief Program is comprised of bold and adventurous students. The IRR program’s new expedition coordinator matches their energy perfectly. Eric Barber comes to Lincoln from the state of Washington where…

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Malamulo Mission in Malawi

Expedition Malawi 2023

Union College’s International Rescue and Relief (IRR) is a four-year bachelor’s degree training in emergency medicine, disaster response, and sustainable community development. Before graduation from the program, students are given a three-month overseas semester in…

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Photo of Allen Stafford and Christian Thomas.

Union students leapt to action in mid-air medical emergency

When a fellow passenger had a medical emergency on their flight, international rescue and relief senior Allen Stafford and junior Christian Thomas sprung into action.  Stafford and Thomas were flying home to Washington State for…

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IRR program receives grant for rescue equipment

Union College’s International Rescue and Relief Program has received a grant for $147,750 from the Archie Tonge Education Fund. The grant will purchase two flood water boats, a solar generator and a truck for use…

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IRR students report from South Florida

Our disaster response team in South Florida gives us a glimpse into the work they’re doing and what they need to finish the mission. To support the disaster response team, give online at

Photo of the 2022 Disaster Response Team

Students respond to Hurricane Ian

Helping those who need it mostWhen a natural disaster tears through communities, it doesn’t discriminate based on affluence, race, or socioeconomic status. Anyone in its path is affected. When disaster response teams arrive on scene,…

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Expedition Malawi 2022

Safely back home – April 4 Everyone made it safely back to Lincoln and enjoyed one final lunch together before going their separate ways. Safari Week! – April 2 We finished an amazing expedition week…

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Photo of the Educare team with Justin Dena and Janae Schumacher

Union graduates provide critical support in Haiti

When a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck southwest Haiti on August 14th, 2021, the international community rushed to send aid. But for three Union College alumni, simply sending supplies wasn’t enough. International Rescue and Relief graduates…

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Looking back on a year of faculty achievements

Though the past year brought the challenges of COVID, online classes, and endless zoom meetings, the faculty at Union College did not let it get in the way of pursuing their goals and “unlocking” their…

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Union IRR students help with Hurricane Ida cleanup (updated Sept. 13)

Support Union College disaster response efforts. Videos from the relief effort September 13 Sunday brought rain to Grand Isle, but the IRR teams where able to finish tarping all but one of the houses they…

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Rick Young smiling at the camera with his arms crossed

Rick Young: A Powerhouse Retires

“I’m retiring, time to go,” said Rick Young. For years, his go-to joke when Frankie Rose asked him to do something was to say that retirement sounded like a good option. Now, however, he’s not…

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