Spring Tournament 2022 rules and info

Coaches info

The initial coaches meeting will be held at 7:30 a.m. on Thursday, February 17, in the President's Dining Room at Union Market (dining hall).

The scores will be kept up-to-date on the main tournament page.

Event schedule

Click here for the event schedule.

Team photo schedule

Click here for the team photo schedule. Be sure to arrive at the Thunderdome stage on time dressed in your uniforms or warm ups.

Tournament pools

Click here for boys' and girls pool.

Tournament brackets
  • Girls Thunderdome Division
  • Girls Clocktower Division
  • Boys Thunderdome Division
  • Boys Clocktower Division
  • Vote for awards (head coaches)

    Each team's head coach should vote for both awards listed below.

    Union College Christmanship Award (team award)

    The Union College Christmanship Award will be presented each year to the team that best displays the values of positive Christian sportsmanship and demonstrates that commitment through the actions, words and attitudes of players, coaches and fans. Christmanship Award recipients should demonstrate qualities such as friendliness, courtesy, graciousness in winning and losing, fair and honest dealing during the competition, and overall admirable conduct of everyone associated with the team.

    All Tournament Awards (Individual Award)

    The head coach from each team will nominate the best player from his/her team (only one) to receive the “All Tournament Award” that will be presented at the awards ceremony after the last championship game (one award per team).

    COVID policy

    In order to keep our campus and event attendees safe and healthy, Union College will implement the following protocols during the Music Festival event.

    Testing requirements

    All tournament participants (including sponsors) will be required to take a COVID test within 24 hours before departing for Union and register a negative test result.

    Face masks required

    All visitors will be required to wear a face mask while indoors on our campus or at tournament venues.

    The only exceptions will be:

    • When sleeping in designated sleeping quarters
    • When seated and eating at Union Market
    • For rostered players when participating in warmup or games.
    • Floor referees actively officiating a game.

    All others, including table officials, coaches, managers and spectators, will be required to wear a mask at all times indoors on our campus and while at our events.

    Food and drink at games

    No food or drink will be sold or allowed in the tournament venues.

    Sick team members and guests

    If any visiting participant (student, staff or chaperone) develops symptoms associated with COVID 19, the participant will immediately withdraw from the event and take a rapid COVID test provided by Union College. If the test is negative, they will be able to continue to participate in the event. If the test is positive, they will isolate immediately.

    Union has reserved a small number of sleeping rooms for isolating visitors who test positive for COVID. The visiting schools will be responsible for taking care of their students in isolation—including bringing them meals. 

    Free throw and three-point contest

    Coaches may select one player from your team to participate in each event.

    Free throw contest

    Participants will have 30 seconds to make as many free throws as possible. The rules governing free throws apply.

    Tie-breakers if there are multiple players with the same number of free throws made will be 15 seconds to make as many free throws as they can among those players who are tied.

    Winners of each contest will get Warriors gear.

    Three-point contest

    Participants will have 30 seconds to make up to 15 shots from behind the three point arc. There will be a total of five shooting locations. The rules governing 3-point shots apply.

    Tie breaker: if there are multiple players with the same number of shots made will be 5 shots, one from each shooting location.

    Winners of the contests will get Warriors Gear.

    Tournament general rules

    • Eight-minute quarters with stop time
    • Time-outs: three full and two thirty second


    • 60 seconds after quarters one and three
    • Five minutes at half time


    Overtime will be a four-minute stop time period. If the score is tied after the first overtime period, a second overtime period of one minute will be played. Any overtime period after the first will be one minute each.

    Uniform colors

    Teams listed first on the schedule wear light uniforms and the teams listed second on the schedule wear dark uniforms.

    Basketballs for warm-up

    Teams are responsible for providing their own basketballs for warm-up.

    Tournament seed for playoff brackets

    These rules apply to both boys and girls brackets.

    Thunderdome Division

    All three teams coming in first place in each pool will automatically play in the Thunderdome Division (five teams total). The bracket diagram (coming soon) shows the place and time of playoffs games on Friday and Saturday evening.

    Seeding for coming in first/tie-breakers within each pool will be determined as follows:

    • Winning-losing record
    • Head to head
    • Points difference (points scored minus points against, 15 points difference maximum per game)
    • Fewer points allowed
    • Coin toss

    The two best teams coming in second place out of the three pools will also play in the Thunderdome Division. Tie-breaker to determine the the best second place teams on each pool will be done as follows:

    • Winning-losing record
    • Points difference (points scored minus points against, 15 points difference maximum per game)
    • Fewer points allowed
    • Coin toss

    Clocktower Division

    Teams seeded third in each pool as well as the team coming in second with fewest games won and lowest points difference will play in the Clocktower Division (four teams total in this division). The bracket diagrams (coming soon) shows and place and time of playoffs games on Friday and Saturday evening.

    High school mercy rule

    The mercy rule will go into effect any time a team holds a 30-point lead in the third quarter or a 20-point lead in the fourth quarter. At that point, the clock will run for the remainder of the game. It will only stop for time outs, injuries and intermission between the third and fourth quarter. Normal clock rules will not be restored, even if the lead shrinks below 30/20 points.

    Unsportsmanlike technical foul policy

    In February 2006, Mid-America academy coaches approved the revision for the Union College Basketball Tournament. This policy was put into place to improve sportsmanship and emphasize to the athletes that sportsmanship comes first. 

    A player who receives an “unsportmanlike” technical foul will be dealt with by the coach of that team. No other involvement will be administered. 

    A player who receives a second “unsportsmanlike” technical foul must be removed from the game immediately and sit the remainder of that quarter. He or she must also sit out the following two quarters. (In some situations this will be part of the next game.) 

    A player who receives a third “unsportmanslike” technical foul during the tournament must be removed from the game immediately and will not be allowed to play in any more games for the remainder of the tournament.

    Unsportsmanlike technical fouls include, but are not limited to, acts or conduct such as:

    • Disrespectfully addressing or contacting an official or gesturing in such a manner as to indicate resentment.
    • Using profane or inappropriate language or gestures.
    • Baiting or taunting an opponent.
    • Obstructing the vision of an opponent not in control of the ball by waving hands near his or her face.
    • Climbing on or lifting a teammate to secure greater height.
    • Knowingly attempting a free throw or accepting a foul to which the player was not entitled.
    • Excessively swinging his or her arm(s) or elbow(s) even if there is no contact with an opponent