Soccer Tournament 2020—virtual

The challenges

Try your hand at each of these challenges. You get five points for entering a video, plus 15 points for first place, 10 points for second place and 5 points for third place.

Challenge 1 - Crossbar kick

One person must hit the top crossbar of the goal from at least 18 yards away as many times as you can in three tries. Most crossbar hits wins. Keep the video running the whole time.

Challenge 2 - 140 challenge

One person must complete 20 toe taps, 20 tic tocs, 20 dancing toe taps, 20 headers, 20 juggles, 20 juggles on the thigh and 20 in and outs as quickly as possible. Fastest time wins.

Challenge 3 - Dancing Russian

Two people must pass three soccer balls between each other. The team that can keep the passing going for the longest without stopping wins.

Challenge rules

  • Your video must show the player and the ball the entire time throughout the entirety of challenge.
  • Videos must be uploaded by midnight on Tuesday, November 17, to be eligible for the competition.
  • The video file name must contain the name of the student, the name of the school, and the name of the challenge.
  • By uploading your challenge video, you agree that Union College has the right to post your video on its website or social media channels as a part of the Fall Tournament 2020.

Learn and interact

Take time to watch these videos on Youtube. If you comment, you'll earn five points. Make sure your Youtube username is your actual name or put your actual name in the comment so we know who you are.

Check back on November 15 for some additional videos.

Meet the Union College Warrior soccer coaches

Practice makes perfect

Workout 1 - Freestyle

Improve your ball-handling skills by doing as many tricks as you can while juggling the ball (and keeping it from hitting the ground).

Workout 2 - One minute drill

Improve your endurance by counting how many toe taps, tic toks, and dancing toe taps you can do in one minute.

Workout 3 - Juggling

Juggle for as long as you can! Keep the ball off the ground using your feet, knees and head—anything but your hands.

Tips for success

Tip 1 - Alex

Tip 2 - Bona

Tip 3 - Logan

Warrior worships

Warrior worship 1 - Santiago

Warrior worship 2 - David

Warrior worship 3 - Tarec