PA volunteer faculty

Clinical rotations are the key to successful graduates.

Clinical rotations allow PA students to apply knowledge from the classroom to real-life medical settings by providing hands-on experience to hone their diagnostic, assessment, and management skills, under the supervision of a clinical provider.

Key to this experience is the preceptor, a medical practitioner who is also an educator, a mentor, a coach and a role model. Preceptors volunteer their time, often while carrying full patient loads and being involved in service to the communities they live in. They are passionate about their profession and want to share that passion with the future generation of medicine.

Preceptors are invaluable to the learning process of our students. The real world guidance they provide teaches the student how to use critical thinking, medical knowledge, hands-on clinical skills and interpersonal communication to promote, restore and maintain optimal levels of health in their patients.

We appreciate all the clinicians who supervise clinical rotations for our students.

Preceptor Volunteer Faculty

The Union College PA Program would like to recognize our preceptors and the vital service they provide. The following medical practitioners have all been named Union College Volunteer Faculty and have committed to precepting two or more PA students each year. Their partnership is greatly valued!

Beth Anderson, PA-C

Andrew Arends, PA-C

Roni Auob, PA-C

Maran Avery, PA-C

Sami Awadallah, MD

Nagi Ayoub, MD

Francelia Barnes, PA-C

Craig Bartruff, MD

Rodney Basler, MD

Brittney Bauer, PA-C

Ron Bear, MD

Jordan Bowling, MD

Jill Brandl, APRN

Theresa Brodeur, PA-C

Stephen Brown, MD

Tra Bui, PA-C

Benjamin Byers, DO

Tiffany Byrkit, PA-C

Ray Carlson, DO

Rebecca Chittenden, PA-C

Charles Christie, PA-C

Bryan Corwin, PA-C

Chris Darst, PA-C

Mark Davis, MD

Sean Denney, MD

Chelsie Doane, PA-C

David Duensing, DO

Walter Duffy, MD

Robert Dugas, MD

Michelle Durr, MD

Kelly Fields, APRN

Brett Fischer, MD

Trinity Fuss, PA-C

Steven Gabriel, PA-C

Amy Garwood, MD

Benjamin Gelber, MD

Stacey Goodrich, MD

Sarah Grady, PA-C

Janell Grant, APRN

Ayla Gregg, PMHNP

Angela Grone, MD

Michelle Hagen, PA-C

Lester Hake, PA-C

Zihun Hao, MD

Benjamin Hung, MD

Brooke Huxoll, PA-C

Imtiaz Islam, MD

Michael Israel, MD

Lisa Johnson, PA-C

Paul Kampfe, MD

Sean Kenney, MD

Bernard Keown, MD

James Krahling, PA-C

Bradley Kuhn, MD

Cathy Laflan, APRN

John Lammli, MD

Shawn Lawrence, MD

Anthony Mann, PA-C

Ryne Marshall, MD

Kylie Maurer, PA-C

Shirley Mohr-Burt, APRN

Robert Moran, MD

Janet Oberhauser, PA-C

Rodett Osorio, PA-C

Michael Pace, MD

Deann Paulson, MD

Lygia Plioplis, PA-C

Bradley Plouzek, PA-C

Jason Potts, MD

Tina Recker-Cutshall, PA-C

Matthew Rivard, MD

Angela Robb, PA-C

Ron Ross, PA-C

April Rostvet, PA-C

Rebecca Rundlett, MD

David Running, MD

Alesha Scott, DO

Dennis Sewell, PA-C

Steve Shannon, MD

Kelsey Stoysich, PA-C

Yohanes Tot, PA-C

Laura Tvrdy, PA-C

Michelle Tyser, PA-C

Leah Vogel, PA-C

Corlan Vonderschmidt, PA-C

Shannon Wakelely, MD

Amber Warholoski, PA-C

Kristi Weber, APRN

Diane Wendelken, APRN

Clint Whitwer, PA-C

Timothy Widhalm, MD

Rick Windle, MD

Cassandra Wood, NP

Ye Ye, MD

Jaylene Zanker, PA-C