Mission and vision

Photo of two students at graduation.

Our mission

Union College is a Seventh-day Adventist community of higher education, inspired by Jesus Christ and dedicated to empowering students to learn, serve and lead.

Our vision

Union College mentors every student to become a highly sought graduate who serves joyfully in God’s calling.

Joyfully Living in God’s Calling
We mentor every student and employee to develop a personal spiritual journey and live God’s calling.

Student Mentorship
We make every student’s success our top priority through mentors who believe in and champion them.

Highly Sought Graduates
We prepare every student to be a highly sought graduate through development of soft skills such as leadership, communication, teamwork, problem solving, creativity and grit.

Empowered Employees
We develop and support every employee as our most important asset.

Photo of two Union College students leaning on each other.

Our core values

Core values are not expressions of who we want to become, but who we are. At Union College, our beliefs serve as the soil from which our vision and mission flower. We believe ...


Learning is a life-long process rather than a graduation destination. We model continual learning and active exploration by uniting theory and practice and connecting the new with the familiar.


Life is best experienced by serving God, applying a biblical world-view and sharing God's love with others. We commit time and energy to developing personal relationships with God that are genuine, creative and intentional. 


Service is our privilege. We foster a culture of volunteerism, gladly reaching out to our local and global communities because we enjoy sharing and honor the example of servant leadership set for us by Jesus Christ.


Mentoring provides support for development of the whole person. We inspire each other to achieve, believe and make wise choices.


Diversity enriches campus life. We create cordiality of discourse, encourage respect for differences, promote inclusiveness, and welcome diversity among employees, students and leaders.


We best learn and develop in the context of a diverse global community. We seek opportunities to strengthen our network of alumni, employees, families, church and business friends while welcoming new collaborative connections.


Union College has been entrusted by God with stewardship of His resources. We respect our students and care for our employees while maximizing our financial and physical capital in service of our mission.