Library Staff

Dr. Ed Allen

Ed Allen

Academic Dean

Dr. Ed Allen is the academic dean over the library. His expertise is in Historical Research and he has been working at Union College for 17 years. He also serves as an academic dean. His responsibilities include program director for religion, music, professional excellence, and leadership. 

Contact Dr. Allen for assistance with the following library services:

  • Heritage/Archives Services

(402) 486-2600 ext. 2375

Ruth Swan - New Interim library director

Ruth Swan

Interim Library Director

Dr. Ruth Swan just recently arrived at Union College to serve as Interim Library Director. Ruth comes with a wealth of experience, mainly in library administration, though she began her career as an elementary school teacher, and then University Media Librarian. Ruth has a son, Jonathan; is delighted to be here at Union; and is excited about the Library Fair! Please come by to just say hello or to discuss your information needs.

(402) 486-2600 ext. 2149

Portrait of Marcia Nordmeyer, Circulation Assistant.

Marcia Nordmeyer

Circulation and Reference Assistant

Marcia has been working at Union College for over five years.  Previously, Marcia served as the Director of Hospitality in the Ortner Center.  This is her first year in the library.

Contact Marcia for assistance with the following library services:

  • Public Space Reservations
  • Account and Fine Management
  • Periodicals Subscriptions

(402) 486-2600 ext. 2151