Tech Guide

Student connectivity

We are pleased to provide you with services that keep you connected.

Computer connectivity — wireless

All of Union’s buildings are covered by the student wireless network named UC_Student. For access, log in to the Portal and click on Student Life then Wireless Key

Dorm computer connectivity — Ethernet

Most dorm rooms are supplied with two (blue and orange) wired Ethernet connections and a cable TV connection. Cable TV requires subscription from Spectrum. The two (blue and orange) connections are identical. You must use a standard Ethernet cable, which can be purchased at the Union College Campus Store.

Student printing

HP LaserJet printers are available in each dorm and other locations. Please see the printing guide below.

Computer repair

If you have a problem with your computer, there are local businesses that can help you. Information Systems does not repair student computers but you can ask us for suggestions.

Tampering fine

A $100 fine may be imposed for tampering with the computer, phone and cable TV connections in any way. DO NOT attempt to open/remove them from the wall for any reason. If you have questions, please contact Information Systems at 402.486.2600 ext. 2121 or come to our office in Dick Building 503.


HP LaserJet printers are available in each dorm and other locations as shown below. If you want to print directly to a dorm printer from your personal computer, connect to the printer using the host name. If you need printer drivers, go to, click on Support then Software and Drivers. You may ePrint by attaching a file to an email and sending it to the email address for the printer. You may also print PDF files directly from a flash drive.


Host name

Email address for ePrint

Prescott Hall 206

Culver Hall 231

Rees Hall 258

Rees Hall 3rd lobby

Krueger Center lower level

Krueger Center main level

PA Building 212

OTA Love South 248