Silhouette of a gymnast.

Union's acrobatic gymnastics team travels throughout the Midwest and internationally, performing at churches, high schools and other venues. Acro has less in common with the artistic gymnastics seen at the Olympics and is more closely related to cheerleading and circus gymnastics. The Gymnaires perform but they do not compete.

Membership on the Gymnaires team gives class credit and can apply toward health and human performance general education requirements.

  • Roster
  • Coaches
  • Keithly Alejandro
  • David Alvarez 
  • Michael Cabrera
  • Francisco Campos
  • Seth Creason
  • Becca Denniston
  • Mary Freeman
  • Erik Gadea
  • Elijah Gallant
  • Courtney Gentry
  • Lydia Gentry
  • Cesar Grijalva
  • Natalie Hamilton
  • Carrie Haveman
  • Dylan Johnson
  • Seth Martin
  • Jeff Middleton
  • Steve Medina
  • Mattisen Mundall
  • Alexander Nesmith
  • Lindsey Nieves
  • Job O'Connor
  • Kailey Perez
  • Daniella Popesku
  • Wesley Rodriguez-Diep
  • Matthew Russell
  • Adrian Suarez
  • Daniel Suarez
  • Derek Tatsuyama
  • Lena Wilkie
  • Hophni William