Tanya Cochran


Division of Humanities

Dr. Tanya R. Cochran joined the Division of Humanities in July 2005 and finished her doctoral studies in Rhetoric and Composition at Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA, in December 2009. Before that, she received a Master of Arts degree in Rhetoric and Composition from the Univeristy of Tenneesee at Chattanooga and an undergraduate degree (B.A.) in English from Southern College, now Southern Adventist Univeristy. Dr. Cochran teaches a range of courses in both the English and Communication departments, from general education writing (ENGL 100, 110, and 212) and speaking (COMM 105) courses to upper-division offerings such as COPR, Rhetoric and COMM 465, Interpersonal Communication. She also serves as Writing Program Administrator, directs Union's Studio for Writing and Speaking, and organizes the Union College Board of Trustees Writing Awards. In the past, she has been active in the Union Scholars program, for many years co-teaching with Sabrina Riley HONS 398, Research Methods in fall semesters and teaching HONS 112, Research and Composition in spring semesters. Her doctoral coursework focused on composition studies, the history of rhetoric, writing centers, and the intersection of faith and learning. Her dissertation _Toward a Rhetoric of Scholar-Fandom_ allowed her to return to her first loves—rhetoric, audience, and media studies—by exploring the scholar-fan community interested in the works of auteur Joss Whedon. Ongoing research and publication topics include fan activism, media paratexts, and narratology.

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