Richard Webb


Division of Science and Mathematics

Richard moved to Yele Mission in Sierra Leone at the tender age of 5 weeks. At the still tender age of 13 months he badly burned his feet. He was treated at the Masanga Leprosarium and at the age of 2 his family took him to the US to have surgery to separate toes that had fused together with scar tissue. Richard returned to the continent of Africa, this time living at Konola Academy in Liberia. At the age of 5 years Richard finally returned to his home country--the United States.

Richard grew up at Monterey Bay Academy where his father worked in the agriculture department. When Richard graduated from academy, his father accepted the job of Superintendent of Agriculture at Loma Linda University, La Sierra Campus, so Richard followed along and completed his physics degree at Loma Linda University. He then moved on up to Washington State University where he completed his PhD in physics.

Upon completion of his PhD, Richard was immediately hired as an assistant professor at Pacific Union College where Richard taught for eight years. He then accepted a job offer to transition to Union College. Richard left his beloved California for three reasons: the strong spiritual atmosphere at Union College, the fact that Union College was in an urban environment where he could eat at restaurants, and finally because he thought he would have a better chance of meeting the woman of his dreams at Union College. All of those reasons were good ones--and in 2011 Richard's students set him up with the Office Manager of the Division of Human Development who, in 2012, became Mrs. Amy Webb, Richard's beloved wife.

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