Measures of success

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Standard 4.5 — Graduation Rates 

Details on the graduation rates of the EPP are presented in table and graph form. Rates are given for 2-year, 4-year, and 6-year completion. This is because graduation rates for our EPP are determined using the year of provisional acceptance into our program as the initial date for the cohort instead of using freshman year declarations for the major. Provisional acceptance is granted after several requirements for entry into the program are met and candidates have shown a commitment to pursuing the goal of becoming a teacher. Otherwise, many students move in and out of the program during freshman year. Provisional acceptance usually occurs in the second year of college. This means that completion after 2 additional years is around the 4 year mark, and after 4 years, it is around the 6 year mark.

Our EPP has a couple of challenges when looking at graduation rates. Since Union College is part of the Seventh-day Adventist system of colleges, there are candidates who begin in our program and then move to other colleges within the system for completion. We are also recipients of students from other colleges that are doing the same. In addition, there are often students who volunteer internationally for a year or two while in the program, thus extending their time till graduation. 

During the three years indicated on the chart (2013-2015) the EPP’s graduation rate from Provisional Acceptance to Completion was 64% (Elementary Ed = 67%; Secondary Ed = 58%).