CAEP Eight Annual Measures of Success

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Standard 4.7 — Ability of Completers to be Hired in Education Positions

One hundred percent of the 2017-2018 completers were either hired in education positions for which they had prepared or enrolled in graduate school. Eleven of the fifteen were hired as full-time classroom teachers.  Three more are using their degree in a school setting as a substitute teacher, etc. One is in graduate school pursuing a Master's Degree. This accomplishment continues the trend for completers from previous years, in that most are hired, some before, and some soon after completion. In the past three years, 44 of 48 completers (93%) are still using their degree in a school setting. We have processes in place to assist students in connecting with potential employers both locally and across the country, and those processes appear to be working effectively. In the last five years, 88% of our completers are still utilizing their degree within a school setting spread out over 24 states and 2 foreign countries. 

Union College EPP completer employment statistics

Total completers

Completers who still use their degree in a school setting

Percent of completers who are using their degree in a school setting (i.e. teacher, substitute, para, principal, etc.) 

Completers who began full time teaching jobs in the last five years

Completers who began full time teaching jobs who are still teaching

Percent of completers who entered the teaching profession who are still teaching full time in the classroom

Three year stat summary







Five year stat summary







Completers from the last five years currently work in 24 states and two foreign countries. 

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