CAEP Eight Annual Measures of Success

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Standard 4.3 — Satisfaction of Employers/Supervisors

Supervisor Survey

The EPP relies on data from the Supervisor Survey to gauge satisfaction of work done by EPP completers each year. The format of the survey used this year will change by next year’s reporting. In this final iteration, completers were evaluated in the following categories: subject matter competence, personal characteristics, classroom management, and diversity. Going forward, the EPP will use (with permission) the Standards outlined by the State of Nebraska for all teacher education programs in the state.  These include Student Development, Learner Differences, Learning Environment, Content Knowledge, Application of Content, Assessment, Planning for Instruction, Instructional Strategies (including using technology), Professional Learning and Ethical Practice, Leadership and Collaboration, Impact on Student Learning, znc Professional Dispositions. Evaluation of completers will more closely align with evaluation of candidates, making reporting more reliable and consistent.

For the 2017-18 cohort (reported in 2019), the responses were highly positive.  Supervisors gave EPP completers an overall mean of 3.71, with high scores in five of seven areas: attention to student diversity (4.0 of 4.0), personal characteristics (3.88), classroom management, planning, and instruction (all 3.75). No scores were below the 3.0 of 4.0 benchmark. 

EPP completers in this cohort scored higher than in the previous two cohorts (2.92 and 2.71). The EPP faculty are pleased with the quality of candidates entering the workforce, as evidenced by the satisfaction of their employers.

Subject matter competence


Personal Characteristics


Classroom Management










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