Editorial Style Guide

The Union College Editorial Style Guide provides an alphabetical listing of correctly written campus departments, divisions, programs, titles, landmarks, and other items specific to Union College. This guide also includes some general (and generally confused) writing rules and guidelines. Some of the guidelines are commonly recommended in journalistic writing; other guidelines are specific to the structure and function of our institution.

Union College follows the journalistic style of the Associated Press Stylebook (AP).


Academic Administration

academic degrees

  • use these styles when listing degrees: associate degree (A.S.), bachelor's degree, Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Bachelor of Science (B.S.), master's degree, Master of Arts (M.A.), Master of Science (M.S.), doctorate (Ph.D.), bachelor's in chemistry, associate degree in religion, B.A. in communication, etc. Academic majors and disciplines are not capitalized when listed with an academic degree.
  • while Union offers over 50 major areas of study, Union offers only eight academic degrees: Associate in Science (A.S.), Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Bachelor of Arts in Theology (B.A.T.), Bachelor of Music (B.Music), Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.), Bachelor of Social Work (B.S.W.) and Master of Physician Assistant Studies (MPAS).

academic divisions

  • Capitalize academic divisions when using full, official name. Official names are as follows: Division of Business and Computer Science; Division of Fine Arts; Division of Health Sciences; Division of Human Development; Division of Humanities; Division of Religion; Division of Science and Mathematics.
  • lowercase unofficial and shortened references: business and computer science division, business division, fine arts division, religion

academic majors and disciplines - These refer to the specific areas of study within an academic division. Academic majors and disciplines are not official academic divisions of Union College and therefore are not capitalized. Examples: business administration, chemistry, elementary education, history, nursing, physician assistant studies, theology

Accounting - areas in the Accounting office include accounts payable, cashier, chief accountant, controller, payroll and student payroll

Administration - the titles of the administrative officers for Union College are as follows:

  • president
  • vice president for Academic Administration
  • vice president for Advancement
  • vice president for Enrollment and Student Financial Services
  • vice president for Financial Administration
  • vice president for Student Life
  • vice president for spiritual life (because spiritual life is not a department, it is not capitalized)

admissions - part of Enrollment and Student Financial Services

Advancement - includes alumni activities, conference and guest services, development, scholarships and college relations

AdventSource - Seventh-day Adventist Church supply distribution center located on Union's campus

amphitheater - basement classroom in the administration building

and - spell out the word in all cases rather than using the ampersand (&) unless it is part of a company's formal name: AT&T.

arboretum - lowercase unless using official name: Joshua C. Turner Arboretum

Associated Student Body (ASB) - Student government sponsored through Student Services. For more information visit the webpage here

atrium - Informal name for the open area under the vaulted roof in the Don Love Building.


Baccalaureate Bonus

Board of Trustees - Capitalize when used in full; on second reference, "board" (lowercase without modifiers) is acceptable.

bookstore - Lowercase unless using official name: Campus Store. Visit webpage here

Bouldering Cave

business and computer science - capitalize when using official name: Division of Business and Computer Science (division homepage)

Business office - see "Accounting"


Campus Ministries - areas in Campus Ministries include chapel, Collegiate Adventists for Better Living (CABL), Sabbath Experience, Just Jesus, Something on Sabbath (SOS), Spiritual Journey, Student Missions, Union for Christ, V2 and vespers

campus bookstore - lowercase unless using official name: Campus Store (visit webpage)

campus safety - see "Campus Security"

Campus Security - lowercase when using unofficial, shortened versions: campus safety, safety, security

Campus Store - official name of the bookstore


  • Capitalize official names; lowercase unofficial, informal, shortened or generic names. This rule applies to offices, buildings, departments, divisions, programs, centers and services. Capitalize official nicknames when the original name is capitalized.
  • Capitalize national holidays but lowercase unofficial words following the holiday: Christmas day, Thanksgiving break, Memorial Day holiday.
  • lowercase school breaks: Christmas vacation, spring break, Thanksgiving break, midterm break, winter break
  • lowercase seasons: spring, summer, fall (autumn), winter
  • for capitalization on specific words, refer to the case used for each entry in this style guide

Career Center

Carnegie Building - houses the Integrated Marketing Communications department

clock tower - landmark on center campus

Clocktower - student newspaper

copy center- no longer Inko's

college - Lowercase in all references unless used as part of the institution's official name. Example: Union College is located in Lincoln, Neb. The college is home to more than 900 students. Union is a college that encourages diversity and growth.

"College of the Golden Cords" - old college slogan referring to Union's missions emphasis

College View Seventh-day Adventist Church - also College View; lowercase "church" when using without Seventh-day Adventist: College View church

Commas - see "punctuation"

Culver Hall - men's residence hall; located in the Ortner Center


departments - Refers to non-academic areas on campus. Capitalize official department and office names. Examples: Advancement, Integrated Marketing Communications, Student Services. Lowercase the word "office" when used with an official name that stands on it own: Advancement office, Student Services office but President's Office

degrees - see "academic degrees"

Dining Services - use this term in place of food services or cafeteria

divisions - refers to the seven academic areas on campus. See "academic divisions."

Don Love Building - houses the Career Center, library, Plant Services, Bouldering Cave, student center, Teaching Learning Center, Union College Campus Store and Woods Auditorium; lowercase when using unofficial, shortened versions: Love building, atrium


Ella Johnson Crandall Memorial Library - also Union College Library; lowercase when using unofficial, shortened versions: library, Crandall library

email - one word, lowercase "m"; lowercase "e"

Emergency Management and Exercise Science - The Division of Emergency Management and Exercise Science includes the programs of health and human performance, and international rescue and relief. More information here.  

Engel Hall - houses the Division of Fine Arts

Enrollment and Student Financial Services - Includes recruitment, admissions, student accounts and student finance. Visit the webpage here

Everett Dick Administration Building - Houses the Division of Business and Computer Science, the Division of Human Development, the Division of Humanities, the Division of Religion, Academic Administration, Accounting, Advancement, Campus Ministries, Enrollment and Student Financial Services, Information Systems, President's Office, Records and Student Services; lowercase when using unofficial, shortened versions: Dick building, administration building. Do not use "ad building" in print.

Experience the Spirit - College tagline. Not an official part of the Union College logo, but can be used within certain guidelines in the logo design. See the Union College Graphic Style Guide.


fine arts - Capitalize when using official name: Division of Fine Arts. Areas of study include graphic design, music and studio art


George Stone Elementary School - one-room elementary school housed in Rees Hall; part of the Division of Human Development

GOLD - Graduates of the Last Decade

golden cords - gold cords hung on a display for returned alumni and student missionaries

Golden Chords String Quartet - string ensemble directed by the Division of Religion

Golden Cords - student yearbook

Graphic Arts Computer Lab - lowercase when using shortened, unofficial versions: graphics lab, Mac lab

grounds - capitalize only when using official department name: Plant Services

Guaranteed Education

gymnasium - see "Union College Auditorium"


Hanging of the Golden Cords - annual event to honor alumni and student missionaries

honors program - see "Union Scholars"

human development - Capitalize when using official name: Division of Human Development. Areas of study include education, psychology and social work

humanities - Capitalize when using official name: Division of Humanities. Areas of study include communication, English, English as a Second Language, history, international studies, modern languages and social science


Information Systems - telephone and computer services

Integrated Marketing Communications - areas of responsibility include public relations, visual communications and Web content management (visit webpage)

international rescue and relief - Lowercase as an area of study within a division; only capitalize when referred to as the Union College International Rescue and Relief Program. Capitalize the abbreviation "IRR." Never abbreviate as "IR&R" (see punctuation entry for more on ampersands).

internet - Worldwide network of computers that can communicate with each other. In later references, "the net" is acceptable


Joshua C. Turner Arboretum - official name of one of the Nebraska Statewide Arboretum sites


Kruegar Center - houses the Division of Science and Mathematics


Larson Lifestyle Center - capitalize unless using unofficial, shortened versions: lifestyle center. Houses the Division of Health Sciences.

library - lowercase unless using as part of official name: Ella Johnson Crandall Memorial Library or Union College Library


Mac lab - see "Graphic Arts Computer Lab." Capitalize "Mac" in all cases as a proper noun


McClelland Art Gallery

Microcomputer Laboratory - lowercase when using unofficial, shortened versions: microlab

Midwest Computer Systems - operated by Information Systems


nursing - lowercase when used to refer to a major. Only capitalize when referring to the Division of Nursing

Nursing Simulation Center- high-tech simulators, live patients and health care technology combine to prepare students for real-life nursing; Division of Nursing


Ogden Room - meeting room between Academic Administration and President's Office

online - one word, no hyphen

Ortner Center - complex comprised of Culver Hall, Union Market, McClelland Art Gallery, Lang Conference and Guest Center, and Campus Welcome Center (visit webpage)


PA program; physician assistant program - lowercase as an area of study; only capitalize when referred to as the Union College Physician Assistant Program. Lowercase title of physician assistant, but capitalize the abbreviation "PA." Master of Physician Assistant Studies (MPAS)

PA/IRR Wing of the Don Love Building - the classrooms and office spaces of the Physician Assistant and International Rescue and Relief Programs. Pronounced "Pear Wing," it may be shortened to omit "of the Don Love Building." 

Phonathon - capitalize when used as a proper noun.

Plant Services

Prescott Hall - men's residence hall

president - lowercase unless using president as part of a name. Example: We were all happy to welcome President Vinita Sauder; We were all happy to welcome Vinita Sauder, president of Union College.

President's Council - a decision-making deliberative body chaired by the college president and composed of vice presidents and the chair of the Faculty Senate. All issues not addressed by the Board of Trustees are within the domain of the President's Council. Capitalize both words; informally referred to as "PC" on campus, but for official communication, including all off-campus audiences, "President's Council" is needed.

President's Office


  • Spell out the word "and" in all cases rather than using the ampersand (&) unless it is part of a company's formal name: AT&T.
  • use a.m. and p.m. as shown when listing times: 4:30 p.m.
  • spell out the Union College address as follows: 3800 South 48th Street, Lincoln, NE 68506 (when printing business reply cards, postal abbreviations are appropriate)
  • use periods rather than hyphens to separate the digits in a phone number: 402.486.2600 ext. 1111
  • Abbreviate Jan., Feb. Aug., Sept., Oct. Nov. and Dec. as shown when used with a specific calendar date: Jan. 10, 1985 or Monday, Jan. 10. Spell out March, April, May, June, July
  • Abbreviate state names according to the Associated Press Stylebook guidelines. For a complete list, see "states."
  • Do not use a comma before the last item in a series unless the comma is needed to prevent confusion or an element within the list requires its own conjunction. Examples: cheese, lettuce and onions. Orange juice, peaches and cream ice cream, and donuts
  • do not use a comma between a month and year unless a date in included: July 2002 or July 16, 2002


Records - official college records are located in the Records office

Rees Hall - women's residence hall

religion - capitalize when using official name: Division of Religion

rock pile - pile of rocks on center campus

Rock Pile Poets - group of writers and poets on campus; part of the Division of Humanities


safety - lowercase unless using official name: Campus Security

science and math - capitalize when using official name: Division of Science and Mathematics

Seventh-day Adventist - do not use the abbreviation "SDA"; on subsequent references, "Adventist" may be used alone. The official church name is always hyphenated with a lowercase "d."

States - abbreviate state names according to the Associated Press Stylebook guidelines. Do not use postal code abbreviations except for address listings. Following are the state abbreviations according to AP style:

Alabama (Ala.)

Maryland (Md.)

North Dakota (N.D.)

Arizona (Ariz.)

Massachusetts (Mass.)

Oklahoma (Okla.)

Arkansas (Ark.)

Michigan (Mich.)

Oregon (Ore.)

California (Calif.)

Minnesota (Minn.)

Pennsylvania (Pa.)

Colorado (Colo.)

Mississippi (Miss.)

Rhode Island (R.I.)

Connecticut (Conn.)

Missouri (Mo.)

South Carolina (S.C.)

Delaware (Del.)

Montana (Mont.)

South Dakota  (S.D.)

Florida (Fla.)

Nebraska (Neb.)

Tennessee (Tenn.)

Georgia (Ga.)

Nevada (Nev.)

Vermont (Vt.)

Illinois (Ill.)

New Hampshire (N.H.)

Virginia (Va.)

Indiana (Ind.)

New Jersey (N.J.)

Washington (Wash.)

Kansas (Kan.)

New Mexico (N.M.)

West Virginia (W.Va.)

Kentucky (Ky.)

New York (N.Y.)

Wisconsin (Wis.)

Louisiana (La.)

North Carolina (N.C.)

Wyoming (Wyo.)

Punctuation: Place one comma between the city and the state name, and another comma after the state name, unless ending a sentence or indicating a dateline: He was traveling from Nashville, Tenn., to Austin, Texas, en route to his home in Albuquerque, N.M.

Student Services - areas under Student Services include athletics, Campus Security, counseling, Student Health and residence halls

student center

Student Health

Student Missions

Studio for Writing and Speaking - Capitalized when the name is used in full or as the Studio. Also called the writing center, without capitalization. For more information visit the webpage here

swimming pool


Teaching Learning Center

titles - lowercase all titles when used after a name or to describe a person. Capitalize titles only when used as part of the name.

Example: Vinita Sauder, Union College president, approved the decision; Union College President Vinita Sauder approved the decision; The president approved the decision; The president, Vinita Sauder, approved the decision.
Frankie Rose, vice president for Academic Administration, met with the committee; Vice President for Academic Administration Frankie Rose met with the committee.


Union College - do not use the abbreviation "UC"; on subsequent references, " Union" may be used alone

Union College Auditorium - nickname: Thunderdome. Lowercase when using unofficial, shortened versions: gymnasium, gym

Union Market - use this term in place of cafeteria. Food stations include: Beverage Bar, Chillers, Leaf & Ladle, Mukki Bar, Saxton's Homestyle Market, Southside Deli, T'torias Pizza and Wheatberries

Union Scholars - official name for Union's honors program


Warriors - capitalize the official name of Union's varsity athletic teams. Includes men's basketball, women's basketball, women's volleyball and men's golf. Use as a gender neutral term; only use "lady Warriors" to differentiate between women's and men's teams.  


The Warriors won their volleyball match last night. The Warriors golf team will compete next week.

Acceptable: The Warriors basketball teams will play tonight. The lady Warriors will play first.
Preferred: The Warriors basketball teams will play tonight. The women will play first.

website - As of 2010, "website" and "web" are now a non-proper noun and not capitalized. 

Woods Auditorium - also referred to as Woods

writing center - see "Studio for Writers and Speakers"