COVID-19 FAQ for students

General Questions

Please understand that as the situation changes we may have to change policies and procedures. We will do our best to communicate to you via email and update our website as they happen.

What do I do if I have experienced financial hardship due to COVID-19?

In order to help with some of the financial hardship created by COVID-19, Union has launched the Emergency Relief Grant for students. Funded by gifts from generous donors to the #UnionStrong campaign and relief funds from the federal government, this grant is designed to help students who have experienced financial hardship directly related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

To apply, students need to fill out the Emergency Relief Grant application form by May 15, 2020. Each student will be evaluated based on need, and the grant will be awarded for expenses for food, technology, travel, housing, Covid-19 related medical expenses, course materials, and child care..

We’ll begin evaluating applications on April 27, and they will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis.

What should I do if I'm off campus and a need to complete a form that requires signatures?

If you need to complete a form that requires signatures (Withdrawal Form, Change of Major, Petition, Graduation Application, etc…), email with your request.  The Records Office will work with you to get the form completed and routed electronically for signatures.

What if I left my stuff at Union and I need to move out of the residence hall?

If you left their belongings in the residential halls and are moving into campus housing or off-campus, please make arrangements with the residential deans to return to campus and move your items from the residence halls on August 2-4, 2020.


Will I be required to wear a facemask on campus this fall?

As everyone comes back to campus from all over the world, we need to take extra precautions to keep everyone safe. Starting July 30, anyone on the Union College campus will be required to wear a facemask covering the mouth and nose while in any indoor public area, in offices when more than one person is present, and outdoors when six feet of physical distancing isn't possible.

Please bring several masks with you so that you can wear them as often as needed and still keep them clean.

There are a few exceptions, such as when eating in the dining hall, exercising at Larson, employees on a job site doing heavy construction or building maintenance work, and for kids under two years old.

If you need an exemption for health reasons, please contact the Campus Health office (

Does Union have plans for extra cleaning and sanitization?

Each campus department has a detailed cleaning plan and has been given the supplies to make sure that all areas managed by the department are regularly cleaned throughout the day.

Custodial Services is providing extra cleaning and sanitization of common areas and entrances in the Dick Administration Building, Krueger Center, Student Center, Atrium and Woods Auditorium.

However, it is all of our reponsibility to help clean the areas we use. Students and employees will be expected to sanitize the desks, chairs and computers they use in classroom or lab before leaving the area. These supplies will be provided in each room.

What will it be like to eat in Union Market?

Our dining services team will continue to provide great food options for you while following local health department and state guidelines for restaurants and food service. Currently these include: 

All foodservice employees will wear a mask.

There will be an increased in prepackaged, take-out food available (such as sandwiches, wraps and salads).

Diners will not be allowed to serve themselves from salad bars, etc. Servers with appropriate gloves and masks will serve all food that is not prepackaged.

You won’t have to wear a mask while seated in the dining room, but you will still need to maintain six feet of physical distance from other diners.

No one group larger than eight individuals will be allowed to sit together.

When can I move into the dorm?

The residence halls will open for returning students on August 2.

You will need to schedule a move-in time with your dean so that we can stagger them out and make sure the common areas and hallways are not congested. Move-in times won’t be available from sunset on Friday night to sunset on Saturday night.

You’ll only be allowed two helpers to assist you with moving in.

Facemasks will be required in all common areas and hallways. Mask usage in individual student rooms is at the discretion of the resident.

How will life in the residence halls be different because of COVID-19?

While we still want you to enjoy time together, we’ll be limiting the number of people of allowed in common areas to accommodate proper physical distancing.

Only residents will be allowed in the residence halls.

Facemasks will be required in all common areas and hallways. Mask usage in individual student rooms is at the discretion of the resident.

We will be cleaning shared restrooms twice per day and common areas and high touch surfaces regularly.

How will classrooms be kept safe?

Union will be doing a variety things to keep keep students and professors safe while using classrooms. For instance:

Instead of assigning specific capacities to a classroom, Union requires that all regular seating arrangements in classrooms must allow all occupants to be at least six feet apart.

Each classroom will have a sanitization station with disinfectant spray and/or disinfectant wipes. After each class period, the instructor and students will be responsible for cleaning their tables, chairs, keyboards and other things they touched using the wipes and spray provided. In addition, the instructor, or a designee, will be responsible for wiping down the door handle to the classroom before leaving.

Where possible, hallways and classroom entrances will be designated for one-way traffic flow with appropriate signage to improve traffic flow and decrease the likelihood of bottlenecked clusters of people. Staircases will be designated as one-directional when possible.

Health questions

Please understand that as the situation changes may have to change policies and procedures. We will do our best to communicate to you via email and update our website as they happen.

What should I do if I get sick while at Union?

If you feel sick—such as have a fever, cough or sore throat—please stay at your apartment or in your dorm room. Contact the Campus Health Office as soon as possible and they will schedule a telehealth appointment with you.

Union does have some space for quarantining sick students.  You will likely be required to stay there if you become ill and want to remain on campus. We will provide meals and daily telehealth checks, but we are not equipped to provide additional medical services.

What if I need to see the Campus Health Nurse or make a counseling appointment?

Campus Health now has the option to schedule an online session with a Campus Health nurse or counselor. 

If you feel sick, need support, have health questions, or just want someone to pray with, please either call the office and leave a message or send an email so we can set up an online visit. You will receive a link to enter the waiting room for either Nurse Tammy or LorieLPC, and you do have to agree to share your camera and microphone on your phone or computer for this to work.

To schedule an appointment with Tammy Adams, Campus Health Nurse

To schedule a counseling appointment with Lorie Escobar, counselor

Do not visit the Campus Health office unless instructed to do so by the Campus Health Nurse.

Academic questions

Please understand that as the situation changes may have to change policies and procedures. We will do our best to communicate to you via email and update our website as they happen.

How has Union's scheduled changed for Fall 2020?

Union College will start classes for the Fall 2020 semester on August 10, 2020—two weeks earlier than originally planned.

The semester will also conclude early with students completing finals on Tuesday, November 24. The school will then have an extended break through the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday until classes resume for the spring semester on January 11, 2021.

See the the schedule for the whole semester here.

Will Union offer additional courses during the extended holiday break?

Union will be offering a bonus term featuring several three-week, intensive online classes during the extended holiday break. These will work much like our summer online courses and will allow you to pick up some extra credit if you choose.

We will publishing a course list for the holiday break term at a later date.