Photo of three students in front of an English country estate.

United Kingdom Study Tour 2023

Taught by Seth Pierce and Ben Tyner, the classes are RELT 355: Imagination, Theology and History and HIST 325: Tolkien, Fantasy and Middle Ages. In them, students study the works of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien…

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Honor society inducts Union students and staff

Twenty-four Union students and nine staff were inducted into the Omicron Delta Kappa (ODK) honor society at an afternoon ceremony in Woods Auditorium on April 30. The event also marked the establishment of ODK at…

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Beast and the Bible

Pierce’s Beast and the Bible is a revelation

Dr. Seth Pierce, director of Union’s Communication Program, has turned his passion for monster theory into a podcast. Using material from his most popular class, Monsters, Faith and Pop Culture, he’s collaborated with Adventist Learning…

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Photo of Dr. Burden-Page and a student in a laboratory

Giving students an edge in medical school applications

Getting into medical school was hard enough already, but as the number of applicants explodes post-pandemic, the competition is even fiercer.  “It’s getting to the point where having a good GPA isn’t enough,” said Dr.…

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Photo of Brian Peoples at the Nebraska capitol

Brian Peoples: a behind-the-scenes view of the Senate

The average citizen never gets a behind-the-scenes look at the United States Senate. But Brian Peoples certainly isn’t average. The senior international relations and history major has been working in Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse’s Lincoln…

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Photo of the 2022 Disaster Response Team

Students respond to Hurricane Ian

Helping those who need it mostWhen a natural disaster tears through communities, it doesn’t discriminate based on affluence, race, or socioeconomic status. Anyone in its path is affected. When disaster response teams arrive on scene,…

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Photo of Maurie Andino in Seattle

Taming the Amazon (financial disclosures)

Everybody knows Amazon, the trillion dollar website that can deliver your package in less than a day. But few understand it like Maurie Andino. A rising senior accounting and finance major, Andino is currently interning…

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Illustrations of monsters from Christian works.

A class with monstrous appeal

“Are monsters always evil?” I watched my fellow students begin discussing Dr. Seth Pierce’s question with excitement. Those walking by the lecture hall might have found this an odd way to start the first day…

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Photo of a student nurse examining a patient in a clinic in Peru

Global Health Nursing: a new perspective on patient care

As the departure date for the Union College Global Health Nursing trip grew closer, Olivia Jacobs began to consider backing out. The level five nursing major felt overwhelmed as she prepared for her finals and…

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Photo of Jillian Dean at the Nebraska State Capitol

Jillian Dean: the nuts and bolts of advocacy

“I’ve learned social work isn’t just about counseling, school and hospital work,” said Jillian Dean. “It’s also about what you can do by advocating for the people of the state and even the country.” A…

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Photo of Debbie Eno

Eno named vice president for academic administration

Debbie Eno has accepted the position of Vice President for Academic Administration at Union College. Having served as the interim VP for a year now, she enters the role already on the downward slope of…

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“Let’s talk,” says new Campus Health director

“We are a community, and as a community we care for one another physically, mentally and spiritually,” said Ingrid DeVries. She joined the Union team in December 2021 as a mental health counselor and director…

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