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Biomedical Science

A great way to prepare for medical school.

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Many degrees can prepare you for medical school, such as biology, chemistry or international rescue and relief. But Union’s popular biomedical science major is designed specifically for pre-med students.

As a biomedical science major, you will study science courses that relate directly to human health while taking supporting course work in areas such as business or psychology. When you graduate, you’ll be prepared for professional school and your future career.

Why study biomedical science?

  • Prepares you for professional school and the medical career of your choice.
  • Get an education that is specifically relevant to the medical application of science.
  • Pursue a career that makes a direct impact on people's lives every single day.

I chose the biomedical program because it gave me flexibility. The pre-professional focus will help prepare me for medical school, and my supporting area gives me the opportunity to study business so that I can learn skills beyond medicine that will help me succeed.

Sneha Shrestha
2016 graduate studying medicine at Loma Linda University
photo Sneha Shrestha

Put the care in your medical career.

of biomed majors complete job shadowing

At Union, we know that degrees are not “one size fits all.” They can’t be when you need training to pursue your unique passion. That’s why Union’s biomedical science degree matches your educational needs with your career goals.

Why study at Union College?

  • Union’s biomedical science degree focuses on classes specifically relevant to the medical application of science, helping you get accepted to and succeed in professional school.
  • Union’s program allows you to take supporting coursework in areas such as business, psychology, communication or leadership—making you a well-rounded professional candidate.
  • Not only receive a valuable job-shadowing experience, but also get class credit for shadowing a medical professional in the Professional Shadowing class—a class unique to Union’s program.
  • Our experienced professors will challenge and stretch you, but they’ll be right beside you all along the way to provide the support you need to succeed.

My biomedical degree prepared me to do well in graduate school. Medical schools are looking for well-rounded students—individuals who excel not only in sciences, but who are effective communicators, leaders and creative thinkers. Biomedical science allowed me to pursue an emphasis in writing and speaking, which has been immensely helpful to my personal development and communication skills. I attribute my confidence going into graduate school to the well-rounded nature of my biomedical science degree.

David Deemer
a 2016 graduate studying medicine at Loma Linda University
photo David Deemer

Career options

Medical scientist

Conduct research to help improve human health.

Job outlook
13% (faster than average)

Median pay

Genetic counselors

Assess genetic risks for patients and support other healthcare providers.

Job outlook
29% (much faster than average)

Median pay


Diagnose and treat patients with injuries or sickness.

Job outlook
13% growth (faster than average)

Median pay