ALEKS Placement Test

What is the ALEKS Placement Test?

The ALEKS Placement Test is an online, adaptive math test. Every student gets a unique test comprised of 30 questions or less.

Students get placed in math classes at Union College primarily by their ACT or SAT scores. The ALEKS is for students who want to place into a higher level math class than their ACT or SAT scores will allow. Learn more or get started below.

Taking the ALEKS at Union College

ALEKS Details
+ The ALEKS is only open to current or incoming Union College students registered for a Union College math course.
+ Students must receive a Union College ALEKS code in order to test.
+ Cost is up to $40, payable by credit card directly at
+ Any testing/retesting needs to be complete by add/drop date in order to affect math courses for that semester.
+ The results are available immediately after testing.
+ Students will have access to the study modules for 6 months, and to the testing feature for 12 months in order to raise scores.

When and Where
No test date is currently scheduled. To schedule a test or retest, contact Lesa Kean ( or Trina Cress (

Test Preparation

The one-time ALEKS fee covers the initial test, up to 4 retakes, and nearly unlimited self-paced study modules. The testing system requires that you log at least 3 hours in the study modules before you can retake.

Self-paced pretest and study modules can be started at; contact Lesa Kean ( or Trina Cress ( for the Union College ALEKS code.

Test Day
On the day of the test, please arrive 10 minutes early with the following:
+ A valid ID with your name and photo (driver's license, passport, or Union College ID);
+ Credit card to pay for the ALEKS online or your login information if you've already created an account within the last 12 months.
+ Pen or pencil for working out problems on provided scratch paper.
+ Personal computer (optional).

You will not need the following materials:
+ Scratch paper: Will be provided.
+ Calculator: The test provides a calculator "app" and equations where it deems appropriate.
+ Computer: Will be provided if you do not bring your own.

What do ALEKS scores mean?

The ALEKS score needs to be 46+ to get into a college-level math (MATH 111 or above). Following are the ALEKS test score ranges that qualify for math courses offered at Union College:

  • 0-29 | MATH 017: Elementary Algebra
  • 30-45 | MATH 100: Intermediate Algebra
  • 46-60 | MATH 111: College Algebra, MATH 117: College Algebra Concise (to be taken with MATH 119: Trigonometry), MATH 221: Elementary Statistics and Probability, or any other course that has MATH 100 as prerequisite
  • 55-75 | MATH 119: Trigonometry
  • 61-75 | MATH 320: Mathematical Concepts for Elementary Teachers
  • 76-100 | MATH 184: Calculus I

Precalculus is now College Algebra and Trigonometry

MATH 121: Precalculus (5 credit hours) is no longer a course offered at Union College. It has been divided into the following two courses:

  • MATH 119: Trigonometry (3 credit hours)
  • MATH 111: College Algebra (3 credit hours) or MATH 117: College Algebra Concise (2 credit hours).
    MATH 117 should only be taken by students who are taking Trigonometry in the same semester. It does not carry enough credits to fulfill general education requirements.

Not everyone has to take College Algebra.
If your ACT Math or ALEKS score is high enough, you can start in Trigonometry.

Regardless of which College Algebra course is taken, Trigonometry + College Algebra = Precalculus.

Ready to get started with the ALEKS?

To start your self-paced pretest and study modules or to schedule a test date, contact Lesa Kean, Math Faculty ( or Trina Cress, Career Center Coordinator ( Payment will be due when creating your ALEKS account.