Learning and Living Campaign

Learning and living go hand in hand. And an upcoming renovation campaign focuses on transforming the learning environment for Union College students. While classrooms are the obvious places learning happens, residence halls are also an integral part of education. Students study, tutor, and prepare in their residence hall rooms, and feeling comfortable and safe can help students focus on their studies.

The Learning and Living Campaign project will be realized in two phases. Phase one, slated for summer 2019, includes renovating 34 residential rooms in Rees Hall and reworking the lower-level amphitheater in the Everett Dick Administration Building. Phase two, beginning summer 2020, will involve renovations of second-floor classrooms in the administration building and possible additional residence hall upgrades.

The total cost of phase one of the Learning and Living Campaign is $525,000. Generous donors have already given more than $200,000 to the project.

Right now, thanks to an additional $125,000 challenge from a generous benefactor couple, your gift will go twice as far. Give now!

Help us renovate Rees Hall!

Maranatha Volunteers International is recruiting 100 volunteers to come to Union’s campus June 23 - July 12, 2019, to help complete the renovations to Rees Hall rooms. 

You can stay the full three weeks or just a couple of days. We'll take whatever time you can give. No previous experience required. There's something for everyone to do, no matter your age.

We're also looking for people with specific experience in:

  • finish carpentry
  • flooring
  • electrical
  • cabinet building

rees hall rooms

Rees Hall was built back in 1958, and many of the rooms still have the original windows, flooring, fixtures and furniture. As part of the Learning and Living Campaign, Union is partnering with Maranatha Volunteers International to renovate 34 rooms in the women's residence June 23-July 12 (click here to volunteer). Each room will receive new windows, flooring, paint, desks, shelving, chairs, lighting and updated closet space.

Here's what your gifts can do:

  • $5,000 = refurbish an entire room
  • $2,500 = new windows for one room
  • $1,200 = bookshelves and drawers for one room
  • $500 = flooring for one room
  • $250 = lighting for one room
  • $100 = window blinds for one room
Photo: Artists rendering of renovations to the Everett Dick Building amphitheater.

modern lecture space

Teaching methods have changed, and with it the type of spaces needed for effective learning. The amphitheater in Union's administrative building is one of the largest classrooms on campus, but it does not provide the flexibility needed in today's learning environment. The Learning and Living campaign will renovate the space with flexible seating and technology needed in modern classrooms.

Here's what your gifts can do:

  • $3,000 = complete renovation for one seat (carpet, paint, furniture and technology
  • $1,000 = one movable table
  • $500 = seating area for one student
  • $250 = one chair
  • $100 = technology access for one seat

Your gifts go twice as far!

Right now, every dollar given to the Learning and Living Campaign will go twice as far thanks to a $125,000 challenge match. Help us make a difference in the lives of Union students today.

You can also give by mail. Make checks payable to Union College and mark them for the "Learning and Living Campaign." Send to:

Union College
Advancement Office
3800 S. 48th Street
Lincoln, NE  68506

or call 402.486.2503.