Kenneth Osborn

Kenneth Osborn

Professor of Chemistry

Division of Science and Mathematics
402.486.2600 x2362
Krueger Center 246

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The current courses that I teach at Union include (or have taught in the past):

  • CHEM 101: Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry
  • CHEM 104: Introduction to General, Organic and Biochemistry for Nursing
  • CHEM 296: Research Methods I
  • CHEM 311: Analytical Chemistry
  • CHEM 312: Instrumental Analysis
  • CHEM 451: Physical Chemistry: Thermodynamics
  • CHEM 452: Physical Chemistry: Quantum Mechanics and Kinetics
  • MATH 221: Statistics

Academic Background

B.S. in Chemistry (with minors in mathematics and physics) from Missouri Western State University, 1996.

Ph.D. in Biophysical Chemistry from the University of Kansas, 2004.

Campus & Community Involvement:

I have a long history of involvement with Habitat for Humanity (including serving as the president of my local affiliate from 2009-10) and serve many roles at my church as one of the many who work quietly behind the scenes to make sure that everything gets done.

Professional Background:

Tenured instructor of chemistry at Fort Scott Community College, 2004-2011.
Chair of the Mo-Kan-Ok Local Section of the American Chemical Society, 2010.


  • Carey K. Johnson, Mangala R. Liyanage, Kenneth D. Osborn, and Asma Zaidi. Single-Protein Dynamics and the Regulation of the Plasma-Membrane Ca2+ Pump. In Cell Signaling Reactions: Single-Molecular Kinetic Analysis, 1st ed., Y. Sako, & M. Ueda, Eds., Springer: New York, 2010, 121-152.
  • Kenneth D. Osborn, Asma Zaidi, Ramona J. Beiber Urbauer, and Carey K. Johnson. Single-Molecule Characterization of the Dynamics of Calmodulin Bound to Oxidatively Modified Plasma-Membrane Ca2+-ATPase. Biochemistry. 2005, 44(33) 11074-11081.
  • Kenneth D. Osborn, Michael W. Allen, Brian D. Slaughter, and Carey K. Johnson. Single-molecule fluorescence spectroscopy: new probes of protein function and dynamics.  Physiology2005, 20 (February), 10-14.
  • Kenneth D. Osborn, Ryan K. Bartlett, Abhijit Mandal, Asma Zaidi, Ramona J. Bieber Urbauer, Jeffrey L. Urbauer, Nadya Galeva, Todd D. Williams, and Carey K. Johnson.  Single-Molecule Dynamics Reveal an Altered Conformation for the Autoinhibitory Domain of Plasma-Membrane Ca2+-ATPase Bound to Oxidatively Modified Calmodulin.  Biochemistry2004, 43(40), 12937-12944.
  • Kenneth D. Osborn, Asma Zaidi, Abhijit Mandal, Ramona J. Beiber Urbauer, and Carey K. Johnson. Single-Molecule Dynamics of the Calcium-Dependent Interaction of Plasma-Membrane Ca2+-ATPase by Calmodulin. Biophys. J. 2004, 87,1892-1899.
  • Kenneth D. Osborn, Manoj K. Singh, Ramona J. Beiber Urbauer, and Carey K. Johnson.  Maximum Likelihood Approach to Single-Molecule Polarization Modulation Analysis.  ChemPhysChem. 2003, 4, 1005-1011.


The Paul and Helen Gilles Award in Physical Chemistry, 2003
Iowa State University Miller Fellowship, 1996

Personal Information:

I have a passion for photography and love to capture the beauty of Creation whether in the form of a scenic vista or those precious moments that we are gifted with in our journey through life.

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