OTA costs

A high-quality occupational therapy assistant degree may be more affordable than you think.


At Union College, you'll get a great educational experience in our highly competitive OTA program. Here's what you can expect to pay.

Tuition costs for prerequisite courses (year one)—2018-2019

Fall semester 1 (1 credits)


Spring semester 2 (16 credits)


Note: If you are a freshman or plan to enroll at Union to take OTA prerequisite courses, click here to see our costs and scholarships (from $5,000 per year up to free tuition).

Tuition costs for OTA program—2018-2019

Fall semester 1 (1 credits)


Spring semester 2 (16 credits)


Summer semester 4 (4 credits)


Fall semester 4 (12 credits)


Program deposit

A non-refundable fee of $350 is required once admission to the program has been granted. This fee holds your program seat and is credited to your program fee at the start of the first semester of OTAC classes.  (Note: this cost may vary year to year depending on OTA specific program fee changes.)

Union College residential costs—2018-2019

General fee


Room rent (with roommate)


Union Market (meal plan)


Union College offers many options for payments, housing and food.

Things to know

Students are responsible for their room and board and any additional costs during their level two fieldwork experiences. These placements are not all local, therefore; travel to and from the site along with any additional costs incurred while completing rotations is the responsibility of the student. 

To get financial clearance, ​follow the financial checklist.

Payment plan. Most students receive enough scholarships, financial aid and student loans to cover their cost of living. However, if you would like to make a monthly payment plan while in school, you can. 

Refund policy. The policies and procedures for refunds of tuition and fees may be found in the financial information section of the Union College Bulletin.

Housing. College apartments are available, on space available basis, to married students, students who are parents, or students 22 years of age or older. We are also in a residential section of town with many housing options available.

If you want to live in the residence hall, click here. If you want to apply to live in a campus apartment, click here

Union Market. Union College's dining hall offers a wide variety of options sure to please any palette. Food is charged by weight. If you would like to have a meal plan in Union Market, the cost is $250 per semester and you will receive a 20% discount every time you make a purchase in Union Market. If you go without a meal plan, you can still buy food by paying with cash, debit or credit card at the cashier. 

Make sure you know the whole financial picture.

Potential additional costs

Books and supplies: We recommend budgeting $1,200 per year for textbooks and supplies, and using the campus bookstore to ensure you’re getting the correct books and equipment the first time.  

Health insurance: All full-time students (12 credits or more) are required to have health insurance. You’ll need to provide proof of insurance at registration, or you can purchase plans through Union College for about $1,700 per year. Prices vary year-to-year. For more information contact Student Services (402.486.2507).

The fine print

Union College reserves the right to make changes to any provision or requirement at any time with particular reference to admission, registration, tuition and fees, financial aid and scholarship programs.